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Hospitown is a conglomeration of clinics offering top-quality medical service Founded eleven years ago, its aim is to be a synthesis of medical and welfare service for all regional residents. Essentially made up of the Shinseikai Clinic and the Utopia Health Care Service Center for the Aged, Hospitown consists of seven clinics, each functioning independently of each other. These include the Net-Care Home Nursing Service Station, Tsujita Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, Iehara Dental Clinic, Nakashita Dermatology and Urology Clinic, Yonago Medical Photography Clinic, Hospitown Drugstore, and Hospitown Nursery School. Although the common ownership of facilities and functions might be more effective in overall clinic management, independence is stressed in order to ensure each clinic`s autonomy on medical policy and administration. Despite this independent spirit, all ts of Hospitown are overseen by the Shinseikai Information Center which assists all Hospitown operations and activities, such as offering medical treatment programs for the region and maintaining close contact with local residents through the publication of informational brochures, etc. In addition, all chief doctors hold monthly meetings in order to oversee activities. Interna11y, the staff maintains close contact via computer through inter-clinic newsletters , including a page offering medical information to practitioners, and a personal page from the hospital director. Updated weekly, Hospitown`s web site offers the public an opportunity to view this information in order to better understand the workings of each clinic and how it relates to their own medical condition. Externally, Hospitown works in close cooperation with Tottori University`s General Hospital and Medical Detment, as well as with other general hospitals. Every week, the university dispatches doctors skilled in their ticular specialty, allowing for the most comprehensive care. Hospitown doctors use this opportunity to exchange opinions in order to raise overall quality of medical service. In addition, medical and nursing students also come to Hospitown in order to receive training and experience. Treatment referral services are also available.

Overall, Hospitown can offer every aspect of medical service that a general hospital can provide. This is perhaps our greatest feature. Yet it aims to go much further in uniting care with treatment. Special attention has been to paid to environmental facets which contribute to mental and emotional ease, through the use of plants, music, and photographs. In addition, building design aims for a more effective rehabilitation both mentally and physically. It allows for the maximum amount of light and open space which, along with the sound of fountains and flowing water, creates the feeling of being in a peaceful, natural setting. Even the sight of the two resident dogs, Yuu and Pia, (in Japanese, literally, Yuu to Pia, or Utopiia), can add to the overall relaxed atmosphere.


In the future, Hospitown would like to have tner clinics specializing in ophthalmoiogy and pediatrics. These new doctors could find merit in the Hospi- town site with its CT/MR, hospitalization, and operation facilities. We`re certain that their clinics could function on a stable management basis here. There are many potential patients waiting for these medical specialties. We would also like to equip the Utopia Health Care Service Center for the Aged with a rehabilitation training section, and to raise the home health care section to the ultimate in both quality and quantity. We hope to make Hospitown the regional center of medical and care service, to the public`s recognition and high satisfaction.

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